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Surveillance on the Strategic Management of Meituan Fresh's Business Model Under the Digital Economy --Based on Multi-Case Comparative Analysis

With the continuous development of digital economy, the rapid rise of "fresh" retail formats in China, consumers' demand for fresh electricity business presents diversified and personalized characteristics, and fresh electricity business has become a field of wide attention. In this study, this paper discusses the business model and strategic management of Meituan Fresh in the digital economy based on statistical research and statistical measurement tools. Through interviews and questionnaires, Meituan Selection focuses on establishing an efficient and transparent supply chain and provides a variety of products through cooperation with multiple fresh brands. Meanwhile, Meituan Fresh actively cooperates with offline stores to provide faster distribution and better service. Compared with other e-commerce platforms, Meituan Selection better performance in fresh product quality, delivery speed and user experience; flexible and diversified service and management strategies in market expansion, and unique advantages in core links such as supply chain and distribution services. In terms of consumer awareness and brand awareness, Meituan Fresh still has room for further improvement. In the investigation and multi-case comparison, it reveals the preferred business model and strategic management of Meituan in the digital economy, and explores how to reduce the purchase cost of consumers on the premise of ensuring fresh quality and service quality, so that consumers can buy and eat safely.

Digital Economy, Fresh Electricity Business, Business Model, Multi-Case Comparison Method

Aiping Wu, Jessa Frida T. Festijo. (2023). Surveillance on the Strategic Management of Meituan Fresh's Business Model Under the Digital Economy --Based on Multi-Case Comparative Analysis. International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences, 11(5), 261-272.

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